Tourism in Alandur

Alandur in Tamil Nadu is filled with a horde of religious sites, which sees pilgrims coming from all over India. It has a huge number of temples, mosques, and churches, which lie in proximity to each other. Of all the temples, Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple is the most popular one.

Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple

History of Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple

The Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple has a rich history that dates back to more than 200 years. It is located on MKN Road in Guindy, which is at a stone’s throw distance from Alandur. In the past, pilgrims from North India come to Alandur with a deity of Sri Hanuman and camped near a small pond called Mangamma Kulam. These pilgrims, or Bairagis as they are called, had kept the Sri Hanuman idol in their camp, and offered daily prayers to it. Eventually, the locals settled near the pond also got involved themselves with the rituals and customs carried out at in respect of Sri Hanuman.

Since Bairagis are a migrating community, they decided to vacate the place near the pond and shift to another location. However, the locals of this area were adamant on keeping back their favorite deity of Lord Hanuman. Due to the wishes of these locals, the Bairagis decided on leaving back the vigraha of Sri Hanuman for them to worship. Ever since this time, the locals and pilgrims have been visiting this temple to pay their respects and conduct rituals to Lord Hanuman. Later on, the deity of Lord Hanuman also came to known as ‘Sri Veera Anjaneya’.

The Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple

Location of the temple:

The Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple is located on the GST road, which is adjacent to Guindy railway station. The temple is clearly visible from the main M K N Road and is easy to spot for pilgrims. It stands next to a bus stop along with small shops of scrap dealers who belong to the area.

Deity of Sri Veera Anjaneya

The Sri Veera Anjaneya diety in this temple faces the west direction. The right hand is seen in ‘abhya’ mudhra while the deity’s left hand is resting on his hip, and also holds the gahamadhana pushpa, which is seen elevated up to his left shoulder. The deity has lotus feet, which are adorned with Nupuram, while and his ankles are bedecked with Thandai.  Lord Hanuman’s tail can be seen growing around his right hand with a striking bell tied to its end. The deity is decked with ‘kankana’ in the wrist and ‘keruram’ in the upper arm. The Lord’s eyes are showering all love and compassion on the devotees, which is truly a sight to behold.

Temples in Alandur

Sri Veera Anjaneya Temple
MKN Road, Guindy,
Alandur, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600032

Dharmaraja Temple
Dharmaraja Koil Street,
Alandur, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600016
Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple
Tamil Nadu,

Vembuli Amman Temple
Jai Hind Street, Pazhavanthangal
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600114

Vedapuriswara Temple
Rajiv Nagar, Perungudi,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Angala Amman Temple
Periyar Pathai, Andavar Nagar, Choolaimedu,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600094

Mosques and Churches in Alandur

454, MKN Road,
Alandur, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600016

St. Antony's Church
Karuneegar Street, Alandur,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016

Garrison Church
Church, #1 GST Road,
St. Thomas' Mount,
Chennai 600016

CSI Christ Church
MKN Road, Alandur,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016
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